Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm back..... But....

Bna Bigboobs

Look her up!! She's a hacker!!  She hacked me!! Heres some proof in messages!!!! :'( Now do ya'll believe me? Someone help me!! She's telling peeps I hacked her!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yes. I've Quit. :(

As you can see I've quit.  I have quit because of them stupid accusers.  The accusers are :
  • PlushieTheKat
  • bna bigboobs
  • KitKatCutie
SO basically it's their fault I'm not on MSP. TBH. idc.. What I do care is tho. I miss all of My good friends... especially the ones I can still remember :
  • PrettiGurlWithSwagg's Backup
  • Twinxels
  • EmoSayWhat
  • AnnaJoy4
  • Kathot
  • Serie15
I MIGHT be coming back soon. Like in January or February.   There's a whole lot of friends I have, but those are all I can remember... Yeahh.. so Hopefully I'll come back. Love you all and miss you all.
Don't Forget Me. Blondie_65.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Hackerz?

Okay.. So Earlier today I see a status saying there is more hackers on msp besides "Anonymous" .
I asked the person and they told me their usernames, and I was like really shocked... WTF?
Okay I look up : Pumpono and Nodima.
  When I searched Nodima up.. o_o This is what I got. :  Some Green Headed Peoples....
again... WTF? >.< First its the purple headed freaks anonymous, now these!!! AKWARD!!
I didn't even know thsee green headed THINGS existed! o_O Well People, They're Supposed hackers... JS...

Okay... Now when I searched up Pumpono I got :
These Orange headed FREAKS..  yeahh I still think it's akward.. Don't you?? Oh well.. There Ya go... Dam Hackers these days :b

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Vid for you peeps.

Here's another video I made : Beauty&ABeat By JB and NM. Hope you like it.
PS: Please Report Camile5212, I might get locked because of her! 0:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MSP at night.

It so boring! at night on msp!! I have lots of friends online, but they won't even chat to me. WTF!  Well I can't blame themI need to find a friend Whose up all night, On msp.
Ugh. Only if I Had that friend.  Message me on msp if you THINK you could be that friend. ;) ps: If you want to know why i was sad, that's my blog before this one. GO AHEAD AND CHECK IT OUT!

  • Twinxels
  • CherryCake22
  • BeachBaby<3
Auto Me to let me know that you have visited my blog. (=

Please Help.:(

A Moviestar on msp named Camile5212 is accusing me of hacking her!! I would Never hack her!! :'( The Reason I'm putting this on my blog is because she says she's gonna report me untill I Get permantly locked out of MovieStarPlanet. I really don't want that to happen. Do you guys?? If you would please Help me!!!  She also Said she was going to make a movie telling everyone that I hacked her!!! I CAN'T STAND HER THREATNING! D: I'm so sadd.. Why MEE??? 
 At this point, I want I my blogs visitors to add My Backup account : CandyMix
 I feel so ashamed even though I don't know what I did. :''( Why did camile choose me to accuse? Will someone help me?? Idk Why she started sending me these messages randomly!! >.< If I loose My account, Then I loose My wonderful friends. Lets Hope I don't.  PLEASE HELP ME!   

Low Levels o_o

VIPs' and higher levels treat lower Levels like they don't exist.  Lower levels are higher levels Fans, They support them... Why ignore them. When a Lower level adds you, accept it if you can.  I TRY my best to treat everyone equally.  And if you think I'm Lying, Then why do you think I have a level 3 boyfriend? When I'm level 10 VIP...

Just Be nice to lower levels. 
I just really feel bad for them. They don't get as 
much attention as Higher levels.